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Hyphema Hyphema


Hyphema is a collection of blood within the front compartment (anterior chamber) of the eye and can be a sign of a serious disease process.

There are many reasons bleeding may occur in the eye. The exact cause may be difficult to determine since the blood can mask the location of the injury or disease. It is important to determine if the cause of the bleeding is limited to the affected eye or if a systemic problem such as high blood pressure, blood clotting abnormality, or toxicity is affecting the whole body.


1. Initial treatment is to control the bleeding, since its presence may cause vision loss. At the same time, efforts will be made to discover the underlying cause so that it may be corrected.

2. Besides a thorough eye examination, other diagnostics including laboratory blood work, systemic blood pressure monitoring, radiographs (x-rays) and ultrasound may be recommended. Occasionally surgery, requiring general anesthesia, may be necessary.

3. The medical treatment for hyphema can involve life-long use of topical and/or oral medications. Treatment is designed to stop progression and recurrence of the disease process and to reverse some of the damage already done.

4. Specific complications of concern for your pet depend on the underlying cause of the hyphema. Any relevant complications as well as potential side-effects of recommended treatment will be discussed by your doctor.

Your awareness of your pet's symptoms and compliance with recommendations for recheck examinations can reduce the risk of complications and ensure that any complications that arise are promptly identified and treated.

Notify the Doctor if Any of the Following Occur:

• Your pet shows signs of pain, such as rubbing or pawing its eye, or squinting.

• You cannot apply the prescribed medication.

• Bleeding within the eye reoccurs.

If you have any question about this information please contact your veterinarian.